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Vendor Application

 All Vendors & Exhibitors  Must Agree with the Following Participant Conditions


Covid Compliance: All Vendors must comply with the CDC guidelines for Covid avoidance in force on June 17, 2023.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL: Juneteenth Cincinnati reserves the right to disallow any inappropriately presented item and to remove concession at the Vendor’s expense. Failure to adhere to the Festival rules and regulations for participation will result in closure of the Vending Space. Products that promote or depict sex, violence, crime, or profanity are not permitted.

 HOLD HARMLESS: Vendor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for theft, losses,damages, suits, and claims deriving out of injury or damage to Concessionaire’s displays, equipment and other property brought upon the premises of the Cincinnati Juneteenth Festival and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Cincinnati Park Board and Juneteenth Cincinnati from any such losses, damages and claims. The Vendor acknowledges that Juneteenth Cincinnati does not maintain insurance covering such losses, damages, or claims by the Vendor. The Vendor  agrees to pay any reasonable costs to repair any damage, which may occur to Cincinnati Park  property as a result of the Vendor’s activities.


Your application is not complete until you have paid the fee

No refunds after June 1

If using PayPal Add 3% to your payment

Pay by Business Check
Money order  or cash
No personal checks
Payee: Juneteenth Cincinnati
Mail to: Juneteenth Cincinnati
             6242 Orchard Lane
             Cincinnati, OH   45213
  • Food: $300
  • (Add $25 for electricity)
  • Non-Profit Information: $200
  • Government agency: $2
    For-profit–sole owner: $250
    For-profit small business: $300
    For-profit large business: $500

Pay via PayPal

We can accept PayPal payments that include the additional  3% PayPal fee

Food: $309
(Add $25 for electricity)

Non-Profit Information: $206
Goverment agency: $206
For-profit–sole owner: $256.75

For-profit-small business: $309

For-profit large business: $515




Your Application for the Juneteenth Festival on June 17 has been submitted.

Continue to monitor the website for updates. We will provide morespecific vending information as the Festival draws nearer.


juneteenthcincinnati @ gmail.com